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She walked through the store, confident in her stride and the plain clothes she wore. It had been years since she had worked here and most of her colleagues had long moved on to larger stores, or other companies. However, she knew the one she wanted most, the one she still saw on a daily basis, as they were married was still here. Kat, her beautiful wife still worked here as head of security for Dart Inc., in the store where they had first met. Joan sighed as she remembered the first time they’d met, her an excited twenty year old, eager to have her first trainee in the infants department. She’d heard of her from another new hire, Sara and was eager to make a new friend.

Joan smiled to herself as she remembered the way she’d been awestruck as she’d seen Kat approach, not at all what she’d expected. She’d been thinking that Kat was a very feminine woman from what had said about her. Instead she had been surprised to see a shorter haired, young tomboy. When Kat approached the desk where she was working she had to clear her throat to get the dryness out of it so she could speak.

“You must be Kat!” she read off the nervous looking girls nametag.

The shy smile she received in return left butterflies floating in her stomach. ‘Shut up,’ she told herself, ‘Just because she looks like a tomboy does not mean she swings your way.’

“I’m Joan, and I’ll be training you, or at least starting training today.” The tingle she felt as their hands met took her entirely by surprise as well.

She came around the desk, and motioned for Kat to follow her. “So, today we’ll be starting in the infants clothing department. Have you had any experience working with infant products before?”

Kat’s voice cracked as she answered, “Uh, yeah, I used to work at Target, I covered a few shifts in the clothing department.”

“Good, I don’t have to explain everything to you then. So, how do you like Dart?”

“It’s okay so far, I was actually hired to be in the electronics department, but there weren’t any open shifts yet so they said they’d put me here.”

“Ah. And here I was thinking I’d found a great new co-worker.”

Kat’s blush made Joan smile and laugh.

“I’m sure we’ll see enough of each other around here.”

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