Writing Wednesdays

Fandoms and FanFiction 

Now, everyone out there has a television show that they love. One that they watch every week, and never miss. The same with popular books and series of books. For example, Harry Potter has one of the largest fandoms out there. What comes with fandoms is FanFiction.

FanFiction is when fans of a show, book, or movie write a story using either their own original characters or those in the story already. It is on of the highest forms of flattery in my opinion. What I want to talk about this Friday is why FanFiction is so stigmatized. There is an opinion out there by some that those who write FanFiction are somehow less than those who write original stories. I say however, that it is more complicated to write. You have to use the rules and characterizations already in use from the story and use them to make your own story.

I myself, have written a rather large number of FanFiction stories. Now, as of right now they are mostly unfinished due to a lack of ideas for their plot. It’s not that I have not wanted to finish them, just that I didn’t have the right idea. My goal is to finish these stories by the end of the year.

Now, why would I admit to having unfinished stories? Because I intend to finish them and also because FanFiction is what helped me to learn how to write compelling characters and how to use plot to help change characters. We all know that Monk wouldn’t go from being nearly agoraphobic, obsessive compulsive, and in love with his late wife, into a healthy relationship with his assistant. That’s where plot and character interact. And writing FanFiction has helped me to see how to make changes that are accepted, that one event doesn’t change a character from one end of a spectrum to another, but rather a series of events that change characters. Now, I want you to try it. Take your favorite character and write a story that changes them. Remember that big changes, sudden changes, those are about as unbelievable as Snape going from hating Harry to his adopted father overnight.

When I started reading fan fiction I thought that it would all be weird and badly written. It turns out that some of the most memorable and best written stories I’ve seen were from fan written stories. I have spent more time in the world of Harry Potter reading fanfiction then reading the actual books. Now, I’m planning on writing Fanfiction on Fridays, you know catchy name and all. I’ll be posting the chapters here and on my fanfiction.net account.

My first experience with fanfiction was to hear about it on the Mugglecast podcast and then to read some, and I’m sorry to the authors of these, bad fanfiction. Then I heard about My Immortal , and was hooked. It was the greatest story because it was so bad. I even wrote a few stories of my own. The first one I wrote was for the X-Files, my favorite TV show ever. Now I’ve written stories for Monk, X-Files, Law and Order SVU, CSI, and Harry Potter. My goal is to finish all of my stories by the end of the year. It helps me to have more than one project to work on, so when I have writers block I can keep writing, but something else so my mind can ruminate on the problem in the other story. Starting this week: I will work on my Harry Potter stories first. For some reason, those two stories seem to be the most popular of my works.

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