An Apology to Readers

Hello there readers. I know I’ve been practically absent from the blog this month. There is a good reason for that, and as unhappily as I say this, I’ve been ill. I’ve spent most of this month driving across the state of New Mexico to various doctor’s offices, appointments and procedures. With that being the case I haven’t had a day free to write in over two weeks. As I write this, I’m waiting in the gastroenterologist’s office. I will be settling down next month, starting summer classes at my university and hopefully having more time to write. Tomorrow I’ll be making a four hour drive back home before I do laundry, prepare my medical paperwork and head off again for the last round of appointments this month. And in apology for this wait I’d like to outline what will happen with the Red Dragon Creative Writing blog next month:

I will be doing a series of posts on the most valuable resources for writers, for the Monday Musings postings, on Writing Wednesdays I’ll be talking more about character building and world-building. Even if you are writing a story based in the modern age world-building is still a crucial aspect of the writing process. And finally for Fandom Fridays I’ll have the next four chapters of my story as well as the first six chapters that were hosted on fanfiction.net. I will be posting my Fandom Friday updates on this blog as well as the actual chapters on fanfiction.net.

Aside from that, I plan on adding a new posting segment as I am currently working through the writing of a non-fiction book. I’ll have the resources I used to plan, what I’ve found both frustrating and helpful, as well as extras from my forthcoming book. They say write what you know, so I’ll be putting together a college guide for those who have chronic illness like myself. Over the last few years I’ve learned so much about how to navigate college with a chronic illness and I hope to share that with readers who, like me, have found themselves suffering as they try to make it to every class.

As I’ve learned these last few weeks, trying to stay connected while driving hundreds of miles in circles around a desert state is impossible. I had planned on writing this letter on Monday, when I arrived in town, but the sheer exhaustion made it impossible until today.


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