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The Yule Ball, Revised Part 2

Note: This is a work of fanfiction, not anything else. All rights to Harry Potter belong to J.K. Rowling. This was originally published on under my penname of TheTruthIsInsideOfYou

Chapter 2 

Harry gently put his arm around Hermione’s waist and pulled her to his side

‘It feels, so good, almost perfect to have her here. But who am I kidding, she probably doesn’t like me in that way.’ he thought. ‘But then again she did dance with you and she let you comfort her.’

Hermione was surprised when she felt Harry’s arm snake around her waist, but she liked it nonetheless. ‘ Hmm, Harry put his arm around my waist. It feels perfect. Oh but who am I kidding, Harry probably doesn’t even think of me that way.’ ‘But then again he fought Ron and chose me over him. And she said I was beautiful.’ Hermione smiled and put her head on his shoulder.

Harry and Hermione walked up to the seventh floor, both deep in thought about the person walking next to them. As they approached the portrait of the Fat Lady, Harry slowed down his walk.

“Harry, what’s wrong?” asked a worried Hermione as she turned to look at him.

” Nothing ‘Mione, I’m just wondering what will happen in there when Ron sees me. He’s already mad at me for fighting with him once, I don’t want to have to beat him up.” Harry said this all in a small voice while pain flashed across his eyes.

“Oh Harry!” was all Hermione said as she enveloped him and another hug. ” I know you hate losing your first friend, but if he does do something we can’t stop it. He’s a little too thickheaded sometimes. He’ll get over it Harry, I know he will.” Hermione said this but inside she knew Ron Weasley would probably never forgive Harry for this. She knew Ron fancied her, but she only ever saw him as her annoying little brother. Ron would feel like Harry was stealing something that rightfully belonged to him.

Harry couldn’t think of anything to say and just hugged Hermione tighter. She always knew what was wrong with Harry. No matter how hard he tried, she could read him like a book. He knew Hermione was just saying this, but it made him feel better. He knew Ron fancied Hermione and Ron would think that Harry stole his girl. Ron was always jealous of Harry because he was Harry Potter, The- Boy-Who-Lived. Harry was pretty sure that Hermione didn’t like Ron, but you could never be too sure with these kinds of things. “Thanks ‘Mione” he mumbled.

Hermione yawned and broke her hug with Harry. She took his hand and led him to the portrait.

“Fairy Lights” she said and the portrait swung open revealing an empty Common Room but for Ron Weasley. Harry and Hermione walked in, but Harry froze at the sight of Ron glaring daggers at him.

“Come on Harry, keep going.” Hermione whispered in his ear. She tentatively placed her free hand around his waist and led him throught the Common Room.

Ron, however, follwed her and stopped before they could walk up the staircases leading to the dormitory.

“So, Potter, you think you could take what’s mine. How dare you dance with Hermione! You knew I fancied her! But no, Harry Potter has to get what he wants always. Even my girl.” Ron was fuming a looked as though he might start to curse Harry soon.

“Ronald Weaseley! It was not like that! I never was “your girl”. I’m free to dance with whomever I choose!” Hermione was shaking with rage and indignation. She felt a hand squeeze hers and only because Harry was there did she not explode.

“Ron! I for one don’t recall Hermione ever being “your girl”. Not to mention you made Hermione cry tonight and ruined the celebrations. Because of your short temper, I had to waste time looking for Hermione when I could have been dancing with her or chatting with Krum. Not only that, but Hermione doesn’t belong to anyone! She’s a human, a beautiful woman, not some piece of meat! Now if you will excuse us, I will escort my date to her room.” and with that Harry tried to sidestep Ron.

Ron simply raised his wand and shouted “Conjunctivitis!

Harry was too quick “Protego!” A shield erupted in front of Hermione and Harry. The blue jet of light from the curse rebounded and hit Ron’s eyes. He stumbled backwards in an almost comic way. ‘Crack!’ Ron’s head had hit the steps and he passed out.

At that moment Professor McGonagall appeared and saw Harry’s shield spell dissipate. Harry looked to Hermione and was relieved that she was unharmed, merely shaken. He gave her a tight hug and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“Mr. Potter! Please explain this!” she said her mouth in a very thin line.

“Professor, it’s not what it looks like! Ron here accosted Hermione and I, blocked the entrance to the dormitories and started yelling at me for taking “his girl”, Hermione and dancing with her. Then he threw the Conjunctive curse. But I used a shield spell to protect ‘Mione and me. The curse rebounded and hit him and he lost his balance.” Harry answered sadly. He felt himself start to shake but found Hermione’s hand and tightly clasped it in his.

” He’s telling the truth Professor. I’m glad that Harry had the quick reflexes to shield us, or who knows what would have happened to Ron.” Hermione said. Harry gave her hand a squeeze and turned towards McGonagall.

” Mr. Potter, I must commend you on your quick thinking although I wish it did not have to have been necessary. I wish Mr. Weasley had more sense. I will take him to the Hospital Wing and explain the situation to the family. Now, I suggest you and Miss Granger head to bed.” McGonagall smiled softly towards the couple and with a wave of her wand had Ron on a stretcher on his way to the infirmary.


So, that’s chapter 2. I am aware that this most likely does not sound like my writing as I wrote it in high school.  Pt 1 Pt 3

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