Bits of Writing, Flash Fiction Challenge

Day 1: An Impulse Buy Leading to Galactic Warfare

Earth 2235

“So this is Earth?” Klargon shielded his eyes to block out the solar radiation. “I thought it was supposed to be a lush planet.” He felt the sand beneath his tentacles as he walked toward the shining pyramid. He knew that most of the human civilization had died out in the nuclear war of 2017, but now, over 200 years later it should have become the lush and green planet that was advertised in his Light Years Travel brochure.

As he stood at the base of the pyramid, he waited for his guide to catch up.  “I told you, Earth isn’t as impressive as you think. At least not Egypt. We’re in the middle of a desert.”


“Well then what can I do while I’m here? Are there any interesting things to see, places to buy an Earth Souvenir?” Klargon huffed. “I could have gone to Mars and seen the re-inaction of the conquest of the Greys.”


A strange smile crossed his guide’s face. “Have you heard tell of the mummies of Earth?” He opened the gate to the pyramid and led the slithering alien inside. “It is said that in ancient times, when you Sylvians were discovering the idea of light speed humans would worship their kings. Kings who were worshipped as Gods.”


“Humans believe in the idea of Gods? I was told they were a warrior race that had no need of that.”


“Yes, here on Earth there was a long tradition in varying beliefs of Gods. The place that we’re in now, Egypt, has one of the oldest uses of religion. They are also the only survivors of The Great War, and run this galaxy.”


He led down through the surprisingly cool passageways, showing Klargon the art and features of the temple he called the Pyramid of Giza.


“And here, is the most fascinating part. A human mummy. Made from the body of President John F Kennedy after he was killed by warring factions in the United States.”


Wow. The man, clearly dead, was impressive. Klargon knew what he wanted.


“Can I buy it? It would be perfect to show in my ship.”


“Yes, yes. Anything, after all, is possible.” His guide smiled the universally known smile of his people, the Businessmen.


“The earthlings don’t mind? I thought the dead were special to them?”


“No, no, they’ll sell anything to make a profit.” Klaus Von Hilden, guide, opened his wristwatch. He took out a gun, scanned the mummy and arranged for the transportation to his travel ship.


“Your balance will be sent upon arriving in Andromeda galaxy. Don’t worry about anything else.”


Klargon grinned, his slimy skin making a Medusa-like look. “Thank you sir. This trip is now worth it.”


Sylvanius 2035


“And in what is being seen as intergalactic act of war, someone has stolen the mummy of the great JFK from the human homeland of Earth.”


Klargon looked back, holding the now cleaned skull of his treasure. “I bought it…”

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