January 2017 Blog Update

Hello readers and writers,

I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last blog update. Honestly a lot has happened in 2016 that took over my life and prevented me from being able to work on this as well as my writing. I spent most of the year sick, with everything happening from having surgery, to being in the ER, to moving houses and getting a job. I have some new hopes for this blog in 2017 and I will be outlining them here.


First, I’ve taken on a writing challenge as a way to get back into writing. More on that later today, with a link to the site that hosts the challenge.

Second, I finished the manuscript for my first novel so I’ll be talking a lot more about editing and that process as I work on editing my novel. I’ve also got ideas for two more novels (one of which actually has the outline complete as I’m typing this.

Third, I have an interview with Bert Entwistle, author of the Jack Bannister series. (Yes, we are related if you’re wondering. He’s my grandfather.) I talked to him back in August about his experience in self publishing and how he feels about writing.

Fourth, I’m planning on a series about submissions to contests and finding links to post to writing contests so that there can be more resources on this site.



  • Edit, revise and publish my first novel.
  • Write 3 more novels this year.
  • Submit one story a month to a writing contest.
  • Go to 1 writing conference


– Jessica Entwistle

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