Bits of Writing, Flash Fiction Challenge

Day 2: “Smoke hung so thick in the library’s rafters that she could read words in it.” 

Smoke hung so thick in the library’s rafters that she could read words in it. In this building, it wasn’t unusual to have smoke hanging in the rafters. The stone hearth that heated the building had been around since the dark days. The words however, struck her.

The grimoire holds the key. 

The grimoire? This is an occult library. She glanced around, grimoires everywhere. Not that the message would be about anything important, nothing ever happened in this part of Lithunesia. Well, not since the dark days.

“Hey, Kai, come here?”

Her colleague approached, eating his sandwich as he looked up. “Hmm?”

“The ceiling. The rafters. The smoke.” She gestured upwards and he stopped chewing, eyes widening.

“Call the guards.” His voice was serious, not the usual joking inflection.

“What?” Katrina was confused. There were often unexplained things that happened around the old library and they never bothered to involve the guards. It caused more trouble than was necessary.

“This is serious. Call the guards.”

“Kai, I know your little girlfriend is captain of the guard but we don’t need to involve them in a little-”

The Dark Spell Rises 

“What is-” Katrina was interrupted.

“I told you. The guard.” His tone brokered no argument. “And lock the library. We don’t want any others coming here.”

“Right…” She felt the cold bite of the snow as she walked out, having forgotten her cloak in the urgency. She shivered, walking across the courtyard to the guard’s tower. Oddly, the tower was dark and quiet. It was midday, there should be a fire and at least two guardsmen there.

Her hair stood on end, goose pimples appearing as she stepped closer. These weren’t the result of the cold, but the suspicious absence of guards at this tower. In her 20 years she’d never seen it empty or dark. Not even on the Feast Days held in honor of the defeat of the Dark Elf.

Something was off. And she was not going to be the one to find out. She turned around, her eyes not registering what was going on for a moment. The library was under a dark cloud, black vapor covering the top.

“What in the name of Vader?”


Now, I know that the whole idea of flash fiction is to keep the entire story to under 1,000 words or so but the idea that I have for this has turned into a story kernel and I feel like ending it here is a good idea so I can work on turning this idea into more.

–  Jessica

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