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Day 11: “Winter was the only season we could be together”

Winter was the only season we could be together. It wasn’t something crazy like Persephone and Hades, it was just practical. He was a professor and she was a rock star on tour except for winter.

“Jeff.” She walked through the small house, expecting him to be in the office, surprised when the lights were off. The house lacked the warmth it normally had this time of year. Usually there would be a candle on, the scent of apple pie or pumpkins wafting through the house as she dropped her bags and came home to their cosy abode.

Now there was silence and it smelled empty. Jeff wasn’t here. Lucy sighed. She knew it was getting harder for him to wait for her to be home in the winter, as it was getting harder for her to only be home in the winter.

She wanted to be home, to start a family, to stop being on tour all the time. But it was the only way to do it right now. If she could just keep this up for a year or two more, then she could have enough to ensure Jeff would never need to beg for funding for his research again during his career.

Lucy turned, walking back into the kitchen, intending to start cooking a dinner for herself. If Jeff wasn’t here, he’d be back on the campus working on his latest research project and he wouldn’t be home until 2 or 3 am.

She opened the fridge, looking for something to cook with.

“Damn it.”

There was nothing. Jeff was living like a bachelor again. Nothing in the fridge except some mustard, milk and ranch dressing. Couldn’t her husband ever eat something more than pizza while she was gone?

She didn’t want to call for takeout but a trip to the grocery store after flying from Copenhagen was out of the question was as well.

“Guess Chinese it is.”

Lucy picked up the phone, laying across her couch as she dialed the familiar number. The lock clicked and she paused.

“Hello Lucky Dragon Chinese-”

Jeff nudged the door open, his arms full with two heaping paper bags of groceries, a bouquet of flowers peaking out of the top of one of them.

“Oh. You’re home early.”

Lucy hung the phone up, letting it drop to the couch. “Jeff! I thought you were still at the University.”

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