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It’s Been A While

I really do apologize. It has been a long time since my last post. For that, the only thing to blame is really my poor time management and graduate school. That’s right, I graduated.


I know, I look so happy there. It was 80 plus outside and I was dressed nicely because we were going out to a formal lunch/dinner after the ceremony.

Then went right back to school. I’m working on Masters Degree in British Literature. While I’m working on it, I’m lucky enough to be mostly funded by working at the school as an instructor in the writing center and teaching English classes.

I also moved, found out what the issues in my back were (DDD), and am working on a paper for an academic conference. It’s been a busy and happy time, and I even have my own office now so I can escape from the life of having a roommate a the noise that comes with living in a dorm again and work in quiet. Though, if my coffee maker in here remains broken I may resort to having to work in my dorm with a fresh supply of coffee from my Keurig.

Now, why, you may ask am I finally updating the blog after nearly a year long absence? I’m hoping to get back into blogging again. Now that I’m so busy, I’m dying for a break and a way to get out my creative writing so I hope to be able to update once a week for now.


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