Monday Musings: 5 Tips for Continuity Edits Pt. 1

Monday Musings: 5 Tips for Continuity Edits Pt. 1

Right! Sorry there was no update last week for this blog. I’ve been under the weather for about a week now with the flu so while I posted two blog posts for last week as I usually work on them during the weekend, this weekend I was not able to work on them. And then at the end of the week my brain decided that a migraine would be a welcome addition to the collection of medical oddities for me this month. 

This week I’m going to talk about editing. In my creative writing class we’re doing a writing workshop and my piece is going first. I chose to use the first two chapters of my novel, which is approximately 11 pages of writing. Now, I wrote this novel over the course of about a year so there are portions that I wrote before I outlined and those that I wrote after I outlined my novel.

There were two different paths for my main antagonist in the frame of my story. In one he is the head of campus security and in the other he is a deputy for the sheriff’s department. Now, as I was compiling this piece for my creative writing class, I realized that I had him in two different roles: both as the head of security and as a deputy of the police force. Now, for ten pages that wasn’t much to edit, but for the entirety of my novel, that’s a lot to edit for continuity.

Now, aside from just sharing my novel with my creative writing class I am starting the process of editing and revising it now. The first step that I am taking along that path is going to be in the timeline and character continuity edits.

The first step, at least in my editing process is to create a spreadsheet. I don’t create anything too fancy, just a list by chapter that contains the places, dates, times and characters that go into each chapter so I can track everything and make sure that I’m not creating timelines that cross or that are conflicting.


As you’ll notice here, the last two entries are in fact almost a month behind and are something that I nearly didn’t catch before I turned in my paper because of how I write, in bursts and not in linear progression. (Which I can do because I outline. So I know generally where I’m going and where I’ve been and I can cross of major scenes in the outline as I write and know what’s left to do.)

The second step is to figure out why there are discrepancies in the timeline. For me, it was that the scene in 24 Hour Fitness and the one that follows were written before the one in Johnstone Center and thus there was a time discrepancy. Now, in another life, that may have been okay, but as these scenes take place directly after, or are supposed to be directly after an attempted murder,  I need to first correct the timeline with the correct time-stamp in universe and make sure that there aren’t details that changed between writings.

The third step in this process is to track your characters. For that I use my character interviews. Now, in this case, the problem is that I have two profiles of David. In one he is campus security and in the other he is a Sheriff’s Deputy. So now I have another error that I have to track and correct throughout my novel.

That’s it for today and I’ll be putting the rest of this up on Wednesday for Writing Wednesdays. Let me know what you use for your continuity editing.~Jessica.

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

Hey all,

I did write the story for today, well part of it. I had some other things to do in preparation for a doctor’s visit I have tomorrow to a specialist for my migraines. Since I won’t be driving to this appointment (it’s an hour and half drive plus we’re staying overnight at a hotel) I’ll have time to finish today’s piece which is: The language of flowers, pyjamas, a secret passageway and write the Day 4 prompt: “His wife was having tea with the King and he didn’t even know about it.”


– Jessica

January 2017 Blog Update

January 2017 Blog Update

Hello readers and writers,

I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last blog update. Honestly a lot has happened in 2016 that took over my life and prevented me from being able to work on this as well as my writing. I spent most of the year sick, with everything happening from having surgery, to being in the ER, to moving houses and getting a job. I have some new hopes for this blog in 2017 and I will be outlining them here.


First, I’ve taken on a writing challenge as a way to get back into writing. More on that later today, with a link to the site that hosts the challenge.

Second, I finished the manuscript for my first novel so I’ll be talking a lot more about editing and that process as I work on editing my novel. I’ve also got ideas for two more novels (one of which actually has the outline complete as I’m typing this.

Third, I have an interview with Bert Entwistle, author of the Jack Bannister series. (Yes, we are related if you’re wondering. He’s my grandfather.) I talked to him back in August about his experience in self publishing and how he feels about writing.

Fourth, I’m planning on a series about submissions to contests and finding links to post to writing contests so that there can be more resources on this site.



  • Edit, revise and publish my first novel.
  • Write 3 more novels this year.
  • Submit one story a month to a writing contest.
  • Go to 1 writing conference


– Jessica Entwistle