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Monday Musings: 5 Tips for Continuity Edits Pt. 1

My top 5 tips for continuity edits based on my novel, White Rose Killer. Using a spreadsheet to track edits, characters, locations, and dates keeps the timeline of the novel intact and lets you have a record of what's going on.


Why I Keep an Idea Journal

Hello everybody, and welcome to February's first Writing Wednesday. This week we'll be talking about an idea journal. First, what is an idea journal? An idea journal is, to me, where writers keep their ideas, research, and little kernels that will eventually make their way into your writing. It is one place that all ideas… Continue reading Why I Keep an Idea Journal

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Setting: 3 Reasons All Stories Need Worldbulding

So, when you think of worldbuilding likely the first thing that comes to mind is a sci-fi or fantasy novel. While in those novels worldbuilding is an essential part of the story to create a suspension of disbelief, I believe that worldbuilding needs to be a part of every story. All Stories Have a Setting… Continue reading Setting: 3 Reasons All Stories Need Worldbulding